Auto loans

The staff at Combined Employees Credit Union makes it easy and convenient to apply for a new or used auto loan. Let us help you skip the 2-3 hour car buying hassle at the dealership by getting pre-approved for your loan today! You may save a lot of money with a lower interest rate; the cost of a mechanical warranty; or the cost of a Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) product. On average Combined Employees Credit Union warranties run about *$1,500 and our GAP price is just $349. Compare those to the average warranty cost at the dealership of $2,500 and GAP price around $800 and you can see that we can help save you more!

Want to refinance your vehicle from another financial institution to Combined Employees Credit Union? Then please speak to one of our loan officers. We will review your current loan rate and monthly payments to see how much you can save by switching your auto loan.

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*$1,500 is an average cost for warranties at CECU and the $2,500 is an average cost at the dealerships. The actual cost of a warranty will be determined by other factors which include year, make, model and mileage of the vehicle.